Varieties of Postmodern Theology




Join Tripp as he takes us on a tour of varieties of Postmodern Theology . . . Here is what you get in this Digital Download . . .

1) Frank Tupper and Reconstructing God

Tupper has developed a rather robust account of divine providence in his ambitious text “A Scandalous Providence.” In this article he gives a constructive account of the divine attributes after having worked through the doctrine. It serves as an example of postmodern theology which ends in the reconstructive task.

2) David Ray Griffin and Constructive Postmodernism

In these rather succinct lectures DRG gives an alternative understanding of the postmodern situation in which his process philosophy facilitates new avenues of constructive theology. Plus he talks about Demons and the church! DRG is a model of those who see the PoMo challenge as one that can be addressed metaphysically. The theologian is then to do their constructive work attentive to the new philosophy.

3) Catherine Keller and Theopoetics

These two articles give a taste of the poetic fury Keller takes to traditional theological doctrines. We will examine how she unmasks the perversion of power running through the traditional accounts of our beginnings and endings – creation and eschatology.

4) Eberhard Jungel and Hermeneutical Theology

Jungel represents the rich inheritance of the German theological tradition. Hermeneutical theology developed from thinkers as diverse as Bultmann, Bonhoeffer, Barth and Ebeling with a specific focus on the event. Jungel’s theology represents a radical Lutheran voice which insists that God cannot and should not be subject to the confines of “god” in modernity.