Westar Institute Foundational Classics Giveaway

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Westar Institute and its roster of scholars, ministers, faith practitioners, and the spiritually curious have been shaking up the way society thinks about religion, since its inception as an outgrowth of The Jesus Seminar. Together with The Praxis Forum – its organization of young professionals concerned with the practice of religion – we seek to deliver ground-breaking religious scholarship in ways that are applicable to the wider culture.

Through research groups, books, articles, magazines, interviews, events, and more, Westar is committed to Biblical scholarship that is honest, cutting-edge, and in-depth, while at the same time being accessible and relevant to lay people. We want to equip anyone interested in spirituality, Biblical scholarship, and the study of religion with the best and most current research thereby helping to stem the tide of misinterpretation, appropriation, and poor theology that arises from a misuse of the Bible.

Members of our research groups include Homebrewed favorites like Jack Caputo, Catherine Keller, John Dominic Crossan, and many others. The materials in our giveaway are intended to be a reflection of what Westar and Homebrewed both hold dear: anyone can (and should!) dive deeper into what they believe and why, allowing themselves to be challenged, and coming away with a faith “brew” that is both uniquely personal, and created communally.

This giveaway includes foundational classics as well as recent new works from some of our most beloved Westar members and scholars. Two lucky winners will get the following:

One grand prize winner will get all of the above plus:

Westar membership is open to those in the religious scholarly community, those involved in the practice of religion (our Praxis network), and anyone else interested in the scholarship of religion.

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