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The Common English Bible is not simply a revision or update of an existing translation. It is a bold new translation designed to meet the needs of Christians as they work to build a strong and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

A key goal of the translation team was to make the Bible accessible to a broad range of people; it’s written at a comfortable level for over half of all English readers. As the translators did their work, reading specialists working with seventy-seven reading groups from more than a dozen denominations review the texts to ensure a smooth and natural reading experience. Easy readability can enhance church worship and participation, and personal Bible study. It also encourages children and youth to discover the Bible for themselves, perhaps for the very first time.

We will be giving away 1 copy each of:

  • CEB Study Bible with Apocrypha – Written by leading scholars, The CEB Study Bible helps readers understand the biblical texts within the larger historical and literary framework of the Bible through book introductions, thousands of notes, more than 300 articles, and full-color images throughout, revealing cultural contexts and exploring relevant background information.
  • The CEB Women’s Bible – Different from any other women’s Bible, The CEB Women’s Bible celebrates that people engage scripture from their own perspective. With contributions exclusively by women—including biblical scholars, feminist theologians, clergywomen, and other writers—the reflections and articles accompanying the sacred text help men and women see themselves in scripture in a new way. 
  • The CEB Storyteller’s Bible – Stories convey truths through plot, character, and point of view. Nowhere is that more true than in the Bible. Jesus and the prophets taught through story, and The CEB Storytellers Bible helps you see the big themes and important truths of the Bible while also guiding you in how to tell these stories in contemporary language.

One grand prize winner will get a classroom set of one Hardback CEB Study Bible with Apocrypha and 25 copies of our economy paperback Bible, perfect for your church or faith community.

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