Live Events

imagesFebruary 6th @6pm

Homebrewed Christianity HQ in Redondo Beach & the World Wide Web

On Thursday February 6th we shall be hosting a live video streaming podcast with Professor Gregory Walter and all our pointy-eared Deacons to nerd out about Tolkien’s world. Expect to hear some of Greg’s wisdom he’s gained teaching the Tolkien class over the years and the BoDaddy explain his entire Middle Earth tattoo sleeve. We will also have a good message board rolling so we can interact with everyone’s questions and such on the stream. Details Here. Facebook Event.


February 27th LG-FestivalLogoat 4pm

The Level Ground Film Festival Headquarters
70 N Raymond Ave.
Pasadenda, CA, 91103

A live podcast from the Level Ground Film Festival! We shall be joined by guest co-hosts Barry Taylor & Ryan Parker as talk to the producers of Jesus, don’t let me die before I’ve had sex, bring in some audience for Theo-Nerd Jeopardy (the Sin, Sex & Cinema Edition), enjoy some home brew, and chat it up with some other special guests.

Tickle_FBheaderMarch 6th at 5pm

Fuller Theological Seminary \\ Brehm Center 135 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91182

The final stop on Phyllis Tickle’s last speaking tour. She’s a legend and needs to end the tour in style! We shall be hosting the fun with Phyllis and Tony Jones as they discuss their two newest books. After you get the books signed we shall head over to a secret location across the street for some continued fun as Tripp challenges Tony to a rematch of au contraire mon frere, some of you will battle it out in Theopardy, & another bit of Tickle excitement that shall not be named but it may be labeled.

6 week online class w/ Peter Rollins

6 week online class w/ Peter Rollins

March 13th @ 6pm. w/ Peter Rollins

Homebrewed Christianity HQ in Redondo Beach

Opening night of Peter Rollins & I’s Lenten High Gravity class Atheism for Lent. Anyone & everyone can take this 6 week class online through the HBX learning center but if you are in LA or coming to town for Friday’s Hocus Pocus event you can join Pete and I in the flesh for some High Gravity fun. After the class we shall head across the street to a local watering hole for beverages and conversation. Why give up chocolate for lent when you can give up God… while reading atheist philosophers with me and Pete? x6 90 minute sessions streamed live, downloadable later, with readings and group chit-chat. Plus it’s just 30 bucks.


March 14th – All Day w/ Peter RollinsHocusPocus_Poster_rev2

Neighborhood Church & Monkish Brewing Company

A day-long workshop with Peter Rollins and friends. It will be hosted at my church, Neighborhood Church of Palos Verdes UCC & then move to Monkish Brewing Company for a beer release and podcast. It shall be EPIC. Details here. You should come. Get your tickets now.

progressiveyouthlogoMarch 19-21 in Chicago

4th Presbyterian Church 126 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, IL 60611

This is going to be the 1st Youth Ministry conference I won’t feel out of place... it’s actually for progressive Christians. There’s a huge line-up of speakers and workshop leaders, many of whom I am ready to learn from! Jonnie will be joining me to represent for Homebrewed. I shall be dropping a keynote on “Why Process Theology Doesn’t Suck,” doing a workshop, taking Deacons on a Craft Brewery outing, and there will be a LIVE Homebrewed Podcast on Thursday Night at an Irish Pub. During the podcast there will be a battle for the ages… Theopardy: Youth Ministers vs PhDs. If you are a student minister sign up for the event. (50 bucks off w/ code: HBCTNT ) If you are a local Deacon come out for the podcast any way.

transFORMHeader3.jpg?width=575&height=125&xn_auth=no&type=jpegMarch 28th in San Diego

Mission Gathering 3090 Polk Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

The Transform Network is having its annual gathering in San Diego & on Friday night Homebrewed Christianity is bringing the party w/ a live podcast that will make you think, laugh, and consider your finitude in light of Tripp’s contemporary dance routine. The event, speakers, and location are all pretty sweet and it’s very affordable. If you are interested in the intersection of missional church thinking with activism and contemplative spirituality then you should be there.