Wm. Paul Young, Del Phoena & Group Mad Libs (CultureCast LIVE, pt 1 of 2)

eveWith live shows all along the east coast this summer, it was nice to head back to the left coast to wrap up our live summer series. And hey, while we’re at it, why not have on one of the bestselling authors of all time, Wm. Paul Young (THE SHACK) as our featured guest?

Paul came to town for this live buffet of Culture-Castiness just weeks before his new novel, EVE, drops everywhere and he hits the road for a global tour. He talks about the new book, which dives into a feminist perspective on Genesis in novel form, along with the scoop on the forthcoming movie version of THE SHACK that has been rumored for years, but is finally happening.

In our News of the World opener, we break down the GOP horserace and tell you what’s REALLY going to happen, down to our projections for what percentage of the republican electorate Trump will still have when he finally flames out. As for what he actually has to say or do to lose said electorate is still a mystery that we on the sidelines are both mystified and slightly horrified to find out.

We also unveil a new game called crowdsourced mad libs, which may or may not be a train wreck; you be the judge. But that’s ok, because one of my favorite local bands, DEL PHOENA, wraps up the first half of this live show with a killer original tune that makes everything better.

Hell, you might even forget that Donald Trump could be the ruler of the free world, given a collective national lobotomy or two.

Stay tuned for the second half of this show, which will come straight to your face and do a little jig all too soon. In it we’ll have more DEL PHOENA deliciosity, along with random answers to big questions and NATHAN BRANNON, our first-ever (but definitely not our last) standup comedian on the CultureCast. This dude is six kinds of funny, so make sure to check him out.

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Show CTS some love, and please tell them we sent you their way!

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Sex, Satire and Subversion (Homebrewed CultureCast)


Our friend and yours, Pastor Jake Zimmermann (antiperspirant does wonders, Jake)

Screw rhyming titles this week; we’re going full-on alliteration! That’s how nerdy we are (mic drop…picks up mic to keep talking in type form, awkwardly apologizing for feedback from prior mic drop).


We’ll take you to the mountains and valleys in this episode, friends. For starters, we have one of our co-producers, Adam Phillips, sitting in for Slim Moon this week. And his response when he heard the topics o’ the week: “I’m gonna need some Baileys in my coffee for this one.” So you’ve been aptly warned.

Our interview is with satirist/performance artist William Perkins, know more notoriously in the Portland, Oregon area are Rev. Jake Zimmermann, a rather unhinged fundamentalist pastor who lives with his momma and trades folks salvation for a Klondike Bar. He’s

One of Jake's many "Save Portland from Hell" campaigns. Good luck with that one in Portland, buddy.

One of Jake’s many “Save Portland from Hell” campaigns. Good luck with that one in Portland, buddy.

something else. Learn how he took on the Portland Naked Bike Ride, re-imagined the “See You At the Pole” service form scripture, and what he did when confronted by a pastor from the church of his childhood, during a Sunday worship service, no less! You can also connect with Jake Zimmermann at his evangelism website, www.SavePortlandFromHell.com.

You can also check out his evangelism strategy video HERE, where he trades folks on the street a Klondike Bar for accepting eternal salvation “Really Quick.”

In News of the World and our Echo Chamber, we talk all things sex: the good, bad and ugly. First, we break down the theological and scriptural justifications some ISIS adherents are using to make rape of women and girls an act of faith. Then we move on to gems like the Josh Duggar/Ashley Madison leak (poor choice of words?), and “Subway Jared” Fogle’s self-destruction for some pretty gnarly back-room stuff himself.

Oh, and we also take on Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the first so-called “female Viagra” pill, and their campaign against the FDA to push their drugs to market. Suffice it to say that Amy Piatt has a few loaded in the chamber for this segment.

We also have a little friction over one of our musical recommendations, and some other lesser-known tidbits for your ear-holes and eye-parts. And yes, no CultureCast would be complete without the trusty Fear of the Week. And if you though the “Pool sharks” fear was funny, this one is a leap or two past that one in funny (We’ve told amy not to drink bugs!).

Want to make sense of all this madness? Listen and learn…

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The Iran Nuclear Debate (Homebrewed CultureCast Special Episode)

Usually we’re content to talk pop culture, a little news and some theology sprinkled with anatomical humor and the like, but this one goes out to all the geeks in the podcast tribe who like digging down into sticky topics and really think them out.

iran dealThis special episode is entirely dedicated to a debate facilitated by Christian Piatt about the nuclear deal being negotiated with Iran. Christian welcomes Jeremy Courtney, head of the Preemptive Love Coalition, and Mark Tooley, Director of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. Tooley and Courtney take a conservative and progressive position, respectively, on this very complex and important deal – one that Courtney argues in the discussion could be the most important policy decision made in his lifetime – and help us understand the strengths, weaknesses and future of this agreement.

Some of the audio is a little jittery since Mark Tooley is located across the country and Jeremy Courtney actually moved to Iraq to work full time in the Middle East. These guys are contributors to everything from CNN to TIME Magazine, the New York Times and BBC, among many others; fuss it to say they know their stuff. So hang with the technical hiccups here and there and check out our first-ever CultureCast throw-down.

Oh, and make sure to let us know what you think! Want to hear more discussions like this? Want us to stick to being the Gospel and fart jokes? Your opinions matter. Well, most of them. That one guy, I’m not so sure…

Check out more about Mark Tooley and his work at www.theird.org, and read more about the Jeremy Courtney and the Preemptive Love Coalition’s position on Iran at  www.preemptivelove.org/iran

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Wild Goose Squawks, Gungor Rocks, Bald Brothers Talk (CultureCast LIVE)

gungorWGFLive shows are always a blast, but the LIVE CultureCast at Wild Goose festival was a new kinda awesome.

First, we chatted with Lisa Gungor about everything from their new three-album project to being judged by fundie fans and the challenge that was 2014 (hint: album one in the three-album set, “This Wild Life,” was inspired by that rather hellacious year). Then her husband, Michael Gungor, jumped on stage with his guitar and they shared two pretty incredible songs from the yet-to-be released album.

And yes, you can hear them here. You’re welcome.

Next, we welcomed Romal Tune, Tony Kriz and Leroy Barber, the other three of the “Four Bald Brothers” along with Christian, to talk about their new folically challenged project. But in no time, we wrangled them all into a game show fellow cohosts Josh Linton and Micky Scottbey Jones called “The Newlywed Game: Just Friends Edition.” Needless to say the brothers were all love and unity until there were points on the line. Then it was on!!!

And since Amy was back in New Mexico enjoying vacation, Christian and company hijacked “fear of the week.” Suffice it to say that these fears, though maybe moderately creepy, demonstrate why Amy’s the queen of all fears.

Thanks to the more than 130 friends who joined us for laughter, music and a cold one under the Justice Tent at this year’s Goose. If you were here right now, we’d give every last one of you a big smooch (well, except for the guy who ‘woohoo’d’ for every single thing on the show. We think maybe he had one too many and we don’t kiss people with stinky beer breath.

And of course, thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary for their ongoing and generous support of the show. In all seriousness, we couldn’t have done this gig without them. So if you’re considering your nudge to do something related to social justice, faith and feminism or straight up congregational ministry. Phillips is a must to check out.

Next up: Columbus Ohio with a two-fer set of back-to-back shows July 20-21. If you’ll be in the area, and especially if you’ll be a part of the Disciples’ General Assembly, come join us for the second night, which hasn’t yet sold out. Guests include Phil Snider, Adam Phillips, Andy Goebel, Andra Moran and Trey Pearson. And we’re super stoked to be doing these as joint shows with the Homebrewed Zen Master, Tripp Fuller. It was awesome.

Gonna be some kinda fun, kids.

After that, kick back with us in Portland, Oregon for another live show at Marmoset Music, one of our favorite venues in town. Our guests will include Wm. Paul Young and local musical favs Del Phoena. And for the first time ever, we’ll have a comedian doing a bit of stand-up for us too. Can’t wait to hear what kind of good grins Nathan Brannon has to drop on us. Oh, and as always, beer.

Yeah, we thought that might seal the deal. GET TICKETS HERE.

Harvey Cox tells you how to read the Bible #ImaginationSauce

Here’s some imagination sauce for your brain. The first guest to talk it up with me at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly was the one and only Harvey Cox. We discussed his awesome new book How to Read the Bible. As you will hear I not only enjoyed the book, but the conversation was packed with nuggets for your noodle to think about. For a sample of the book head over here and get your read on.
During the intro Spencer will give a 411 about the Hatchery in Redondo Beach and my new job as the Director of Theology and the Humanities.

I am going to be talking with Shane Blackshear, Grace Ji Sun Kim, John Caputo, Adam Clark and Christopher Rodkey the next few days. Go here and sign up to join the live stream.

Racist Flags, Greece Sags, Jurassic Drags (CultureCast)

Bree Newsome of Charlotte, N.C., removes the Confederate battle flag at a Confederate monument at the Statehouse in Columbia, S.C., on Saturday, June, 27, 2015. She was taken into custody when she came down. The flag was raised again by capitol workers about 45 minutes later.  (AP Photo/Bruce Smith)

Bree Newsome of Charlotte, N.C., removes the Confederate battle flag at a Confederate monument at the Statehouse in Columbia, S.C., on Saturday, June, 27, 2015. She was taken into custody when she came down. The flag was raised again by capitol workers about 45 minutes later. (AP Photo/Bruce Smith)

Hey, wait a minute. This podcast has always been a low-rent, seat-of-the-pants kinda thing. And now it’s getting all fancy and crap. Guess all the monumental fame and fortune of podcasting (ahem) is going to their heads.

Actually, it’s just what happens when you bring on someone like John, a former podcast producer for CNN and current radio producer, comes in and shows the CultureCast crew how’s it’s done. So for all of you who like your audio content mediocre, our apologies for stepping up our game.

This week we also introduced News of the World, our headline-grabber topic that now jumps to the front of the show. This week it’s SCOTUS and all the earthshaking decisions that wen’t down this session. We break down how both the left and right fared.

We also welcome Micky ScottBey Jones, who breaks down all things race and culture, from the confederate flag to how her relationship to Strom Thurmond  affects her own story and identity as an African-American woman.

We talk dollars and cents, musing about what the failings of the economies of both Greece and Puerto Rico mean for the EU and the rest of the world. Then we chime in one whether we think Obama’s homily/speech/song in Charleston, NC was a hit or a strikeout.

And of course, what’s a CultureCast without pop culture recommendations and a fear of the week? I suppose it would be nothing more than thoughtful, substantive content. And who wants that? Am I right???

The lineup for the July 21st live show in Columbus, Ohio is set. Enjoy music from Trey Pearson and Andra Moran, plus featured guests Phil Snider (postmodern theology nerd) and Adam Phillips & Andy Goebel, who have been in the national news for challenging their former Evangelical Covenant Church denomination of LGBTQ inclusion (thus: FORMER denomination). Tickets include two adults drinks and a pint glass to keep. Grab tickets here: www.tinyurl.com/HomebrewedatGA

Then on August 13th in Portland, Oregon, We are excited to welcome Wm Paul Young, author of “The Shack” as our special guest for another live CultureCast. He will share with us about his newest novel “Eve,” and how he keeps his feet on the ground after selling 20 million books. We’ll also welcome Portland’s ow Del Phoena, who will lay some awesome tunes on us and talk about their most recent album project. Not to be missed, I’m tellin’ ya! Those tickets can be found by CLICKING HERE