Hacker’s Survival Guide, Charleston’s Hopeful Side, Obama’s Speech Divides (CultureCast)

anonymousCultureCast cohost Christian Piatt is a geek when it comes to tech stuff. From gadgets to all things virtual, he’ll talk himself some ones and zeroes until the Minecraft cows come home. This week, our guest is professional hacker Mike Collins, who explains everything from Cyberterrorism to Silk Road, the Dark Web and why your car/phone/blender(?) are your worst enemies. It’s all we could do to get Christian to stop asking questions, but if you’re a fellow tech-head, you’ll be amazed by what you don’t know about the devices and culture all around you.

The CultureCast crew also tackle the recent shootings at Emanuel Church in Charleston, the amazing Grace the victims have shown the shooter, and the Amazing Grace President Obama sang as part of his address to the walking wounded in one of the hardest-hit epicenters of recent outbursts of such violent racism.

But fear not, my fellow casters. The intrepid trio faithfully reverts to trivial nonsense and yummy pop culture tidbits. So whip out that napkin, tuck it in your shirt and dive into this most recent serving of Homebrewed CultureCast deliciousness.

Jennifer Grace Bird – Permission Granted

Permission GrantedJennifer Grace Bird teaches at the University of Portland and Portland Community College. She is a bible scholar and Permission Granted is her first “popular audience” book (she talks about that dubious category in the interview) and is intended for people to use in their communities to read scripture together.Jennifer Grace Bird

The text itself is chock full of great stuff and comes along with questions to guide folks in reading along together as they make their way through the book, making sure they have their Bible nearby. Callid was able to catch up with Jennifer earlier this month and so we’re able to bring the goodness straight to you.

Escaping God at Church and Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit #LectioCast

It’s the LectioCast! Thanks for all the initial support. Daniel and I are thrilled at the initial response and can’t believe after just our 2nd episode we have been in the top 10 on iTunes and in Religion’s “New and Noteworthy” list. If you haven’t reviewed or subscribed the the show go ahead and do it.

The texts this week are 1 Samuel 8:4-11 (12-15), 16-20 (11:14-15), Psalm 138, 2 Cor 4:13-5:1 & Mark 3:20-35.

This week we discuss…Daniel Kirk-202

  • Luther’s commentary on idolatry
  • the desire to escape God through religion
  • why God is against having kings
  •  participating in the resurrection without escapism
  • God’s work in and through our suffering
  • the conversion of imagination
  • Jesus’ style of Messiahship
  • the oppression of religious & family narratives
  • where babies (and Jesus’ brothers) come from
  • the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit (Daniel is against it)



LectioCast aims to get your sermon/service prep jumpstarted by homing in on crucial issues and themes in
the passages and talking through possible opportunities and issues in preaching the various texts.

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Thomas Jay Oord really loves talking about Love [Barrel Aged]

2811843_origIt’s time to bring you one of my favorite podcast guests from the past and one of the finest human beings I know – Tom Oord. In this episode we talk about one of Tom’s greatest loves… the study of Love. Enjoy!

Thomas Jay Oord is a theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary studies. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books and professor at Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho. Oord is known for his contributions to research on love, relational theology, science and religion, Wesleyan/Holiness/Church of the Nazarene thought and Evangelical theology.

Check out Tom’s books we discussed: The Many Facets of Love: Philosophical Explorations and Science of Love: The Wisdom of Well-Being.

Summer School – Living Options in Christian Theology

JOIN the Homebrewed Community as an Elder or Bishop, and you’ll be enrolled for FREE – www.homebrewedcommunity.com. OR, you can register for the class by itself here – www.trippfuller.com/learning. Sign up – order your book – and get ready for the goodness!

High GravityBo and Tripp are excited to announce a new High Gravity class for this Summer! We are interested in a vibrant approach to a contemporary theological framework that doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your already existing faith.

  • Is Process too big of a leap?
  • Does Radical Theology provide too little substance?
  • Is Practical Theology just too darn practical?

Looking for a robust, thoroughly-Christian theological framework for the 21st century? Then we have a conversation for you!

As I have taken some time off these past several months, I have noticed a couple of trends:

  1. Process is just too big of a conversion for some. They like the ideas and enjoy that Tripp is so jazzed about it … but it is a major commitment to learn that vocabulary and overhaul nearly every aspect of what they have been taught was Christianity.
  2. Radical Theology is interesting and challenging … but at the end of the day just doesn’t provide very much to go on. It is deconstructive in helpful ways but doesn’t leave you with much for constructing a faith worth even having.
  3. Practical Theology asks some helpful questions and people get why I am into it … but it is a second order discourse and people want to ask some ‘first order’ questions about some primary issues.

This June and July we want to engage is a conversation about science, technology, other religions and the limits of language – while constructing a fully up-to-date version of Christian belief! Don’t worry about Heidegger, Hegel or Kant – plenty has already been said about them – this is an intelligent conversation about the here-and-now of Christian thought.

Living Options in Christian Theology
June 12 – Intro: Theology for a Nuclear Age

June 18 – Week 1: Theology, Science & Nature

June 25 – Week 2: Theology and Public Discourse

July 4 – Half-Time Break

July 9 – Week 3: Theology, Historicity and Solidarity

July 16 – Week 4: Theology and Corporate/Corporeal Identity

July 23 – Week 5: Theology and the Prospects for God-Talk

Our main text will be Theology at the End of Modernity: Essays in Honor of Gordon D. Kaufman – Sheila Greeve Davaney (Editor)

Each of the 5 sections of the book has 3 essays. Each week we will focus on 2 of those essays with Tripp taking one to explore and Bo concentrating on another. We will also supply supplemental material each week on the course website. PDFs of course material will begin going out May. 

JOIN the Homebrewed Community as an Elder or Bishop, and you’ll be enrolled for FREE – www.homebrewedcommunity.com. OR, you can register for the class by itself here – www.trippfuller.com/learning. Sign up – order your book – and get ready for the goodness!