Let Sleeping Gods Die w/ Kester Brewin


Kester Brewin is back on the podcast.  He was part of a live podcast experience at Monkish Brewing company with his partners Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor.  This triumvirate of Radical Theology is always a blast to hear and this time time is no exception.

During the live event they explored the way in which Radical theology opens up possibilities for political activism.  Ohh Kester also talks about technology, space exploration, and hippies.

Enjoy the Brew!

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The Gospel of John & Empire w/ Warren Carter

Warren_MarchWarren Carter is a Professor of New Testament at Brite Divinity School.  He is a mega-Bible scholar that pays close attention to the historical situation of first century Judaism and the themes of Empire explored in the New Testament.  In this episode, first released in 2008, I discuss his then recent work on the Gospel of John and Empire.  You can check out all of his books here.

At the end of the interview I mention a very accessible book he wrote that intros the conversation of Empire and the New Testament.  If you are looking for a place to start then get The Roman Empire and the New Testament: An Essential Guide.  

Barrel Aged Graphic_crop2_rev1On the Homebrewed Barrel Aged podcasts we pull out some of the best interviews from the first 5 years of the podcast.  These gems get an audio facelift and then released from your enjoyment.

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Homebrewed Wet & Wild at the Goose

Micky Getting Animated

Wild Goose 2014 was a seriously wet podcast. Despite the rain we had a blast thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary who sponsored the beer steins for brews & John Vest who smoked some yummy BBQ pork.  This is just a 55 minute sample of the 2 hours of excitement.


Tripp & Amy’s Hair Looks Rained on… but Christian’s

Tripp, Amy, Micky, & Christian spend some talking with Everyday Sunday’s Trey Pearson.  Last year at the Goose he not only visited the podcast but began his year long conversation with Tripp & Christian about progressive Christianity.  While he definitely resonates with a lot of it he has some lingering questions hours of podcast listening has not cleared up. So hear comes Amy and Micky to the rescue. Hopefully they will be able to lure Trey over to team awesome.  You shall see.



Peter Rollins & Kester Brewin LIVE 7/30

Sleeping FB Banner


It is time for another live event at Monkish Brewing Company!  On Wednesday July 30th join Homebrewed Christianity as we welcome Kester Brewin & Peter Rollins back to the brewery for a live podcast.  Get ready for a night of nerdy excitement with tunes, brews, & full on theo-political #GeekOut.  Over the course of 5 mini-TED style talks, a podcast interview, musical interludes, Q/A, and a couple pints we will explore how Radical Theology transforms and turns the individual toward the world for embodied engagement.  In other words, we are going to talk about radical religion and politics while drinking… what could go wrong? 

Doors will open at 7 & the show starts at 715.  It’s 20 bucks a ticket and seating is limited so get your tickets ASAP.


10 Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101


Greg & Tripp Chatting

CEM47354539_129436297782Tons of people that are ‘religious’  would be shocked if they just took a religion 101 class.  The divide between the academic study of religion is so huge that the experience of many students in their first religion class is disorientating.  I don’t think this is because religion professors hate religion and want to ruin people of faith’s confidence.  Largely it is evidence of just how poor our religious communities educate their members.  In this episode I am joined by Greg Horton, ex-pastor and undergrad religion professor in Oklahoma to look of  a list of 10 Not-So-Shocking Things You Learn in Religion 101.  Well we get through half of it in this episode.  Next week we will finish

Greg Horton was one of the inspirations behind starting the podcast.  I have stalked him online for a long time and then we got to have some fun in person on my visit to Oklahoma.  It was turned into this popular episode of the podcast.  Then he came back on the podcast to share 10 Dirty Secrets About Being a Minister.  Way back when he had a podcast called ‘the Parish’ on the wired parish podcast network. Back then he was an emergent Christian and has since left the building. Throughout his journey I have loved following his blog,hearing about his undergrad religion and ethics students, and thinking through some of the serious criticisms he has leveled against the church. Plus he also does some wine reviews.


Womanist Theology w/ Emilie Townes [Barrel Aged]

Emilie-TownesThe Rev. Dr. Emilie M. Townes, a distinguished scholar and leader in theological education, is dean of Vanderbilt Divinity School. She is also the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor of Womanist Ethics and Society.  When she first visited the podcast we discussed the origins of

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Womanist theology and her book Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evi& now we are bringing that interview back out for all our new listeners.  

This book contains the essay she was working on and mentions during the conversation.  Here’s the Divinity School Application for Liberals we discuss.

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From Jesus’ Parables to Parables of God with John Dominic Crossan

That's Elgin & I over 5 years ago! It was his 1st hangout w/ a legendary nerd.

That’s Elgin & I over 5 years ago! It was his 1st hangout w/ a legendary nerd.

John Dominic Crossan is back on the podcast.  Crossan is a legendary New Testament scholar, Jesus Seminar provocateur, and popular lecturer all across the progressive church. We will discuss the last 30 years of historical Jesus research, its role in the academy, the growing audience in the public square, changes in the church and his two most recent books The Power of ParableThe Greatest Prayer.

We recently re-published Crossan’s first visit to the podcast over 5 plus years ago on the new Barrel Aged podcast stream.  Go check out his discussion of God and Empire which remains my favorite book of his.



Bonhoeffer’s Religionless Christianity

51d4zjpl9bl_sl500_aa240_This Barrel Aged podcast was originally released in 2009.  It was a quick hit that many of the more recent subscribers won’t have heard. So get ready to enjoy Dr. Jeffrey C. Pugh is Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Elon University. We discuss his book Religionless Christianity: Dietrich Bonhoeffer In Troubled Times. Dr. Pugh & I talk about the life of Bonhoeffer, shares some of the famous words from his Letters & Papers from Prison, and leaves us with how Bonhoeffer can inspire us today. He is definitely the podcast’s favorite member of the Hauerwasian Mafia.

You can also check out the most recent visit from Dr. Pugh Conjuring Satan and Doing Theology discussing his collection of Satan’s blog posts.

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TNT: The Resurrection, Divine Knowledge, & Other Todd-Picks

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This is a very special edition of the Theology Nerd Throwdown.  Not only does the BoDaddy try to provoke me (theologically speaking) toward a rowdy defense of the resurrection but we have a very special guest – Todd Littleton.  Todd is the greatest Southern Baptist Minister on planet earth.  He is also the technical brains behind our High Gravity online classes, pastor to the HBC Deacon of the Year, & now officially an Elder.

Hence forth all ye Homebrewed Christianity Deacons shall know Todd Littleton as Elder of the Okie.

Over the course of the episode we discuss the nature of the resurrection, the divine attributes, the function of doubt in faith, atheism as a spiritual practice, the church and its obligations to the poor, the World Vision debacle, and a number of other goodies. Here’s the blog post where Bo provoked the first segment.  It was a blast to have a group of local Deacons in the room hanging out after we finished the High Gravity session on Mary Daly.  If you are ever visiting LA tweet us up & maybe we will have a recording you can join in on.

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What Christianity is Not & a Theology of the Cross w/ Douglas John Hall

douglas hall-12Douglas John Hall is Canada’s greatest living theologian & emeritus professor of theology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is a theologian of the cross, a contextual theologian, and a wonderfully articulate one as well.  In this conversation we discuss his latest two books What Christianity is Not & Waiting for the Gospel, his love of music, personal interactions with Moltmann, Billy Graham, Tillich & company, and a number of intense theological topics.  It was a complete joy to chat with him.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… and of course share the brew!

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