Something to Like, Believe…and FEAR (CultureCast LIVE Pt. 2 of 2)

screamBe afraid…be very afraid…

No, wait. Don’t do that. That’s Amy Piatt’s job. How about just checking out part two of the awesome LIVE Homebrewed CultureCast instead?

We dispensed with all the serious stuff in the first half (if you didn’t check that out yet, CLICK HERE), so now it’s time for a new segment, called Stranger Than Fiction. In it, we read five religiously-themed news stories and see if our esteemed guests, Steve Chalke and Doug Pagitt, can tell the real deal from a pile of crap we made up our very own selves.

See if you can do better than they did…which won’t be too hard, trust me.

Then we drop some hot, fresh recommendations on you, from the movie PRIDE to summer tunes to fill your ear-parts and tickle your brain-pieces. And I’ll give you a hint; if you listen to this episode, you’ll hear some of the recommended music live. Well, it was live when we recorded it, anyway. What do you want from me???

Finally, we dig down to the bowels (eww) of fear with Amy Piatt, who never ceases to churn out new tidbits to add that necessary twinge of horror to your day. Yaknow, just to keep it interesting and stuff. But it turns out Christian shares this week’s fear as well.

Wait…Christian has feelings?IMG_4767

And though the crowd is a little more chatty and raucous during this half (there were adult beverages involved, after all) there’s tons of good live music once again from Portland’s own Horse Feathers and Minneapolis’ resident artist, Heatherlyn.

We’ll get back to the studio soon enough (and by studio, we mean sitting around the laptop in Christian’s office), but honestly, it’s a lot more fun to talk smack and drink beer with 100 or so of our closest friends…or at least 100 people who heard about the awesome CultureCast pint glasses and came a-runnin’. Either way, we’ll take it.

Want to get one (or twenty) of these groovy CultureCast pint glasses in your own hot little hands? Email Christian at cpiatt (at) christianpiatt (dot) com. He’ll do you right.

Special thanks to our esteemed sponsors: Phillips Theological Seminary, Basecamp Brewing Co., Marmoset Music and Kill Rock Stars Records. You folks are super groovy. 

CultureCast LIVE (pt. 1 of 2): Chalke, Pagitt, Horse Feathers, Heatherlyn…and Beer


From Left: Doug Pagitt, Steve Chalke, Amy Piatt, Slim Moon, Christian Piatt

Are you sitting down? Good, cause this show is pretty sure to rock your shorts clean off.

And if you’re at a coffeeshop, goofing off at work or the like that could be a little awkward.

But Christian, you ask, pray tell why this show would rock me out of my clothes more so than the average Homebrewed CultureCast? BECAUSE IT’S 110% LIVE BABY.

That’s right. We brought Oasis Church’s Steve Chalke in from the UK, Solomon’s Porch’s founding pastor Doug Pagitt from Minneapolis along with his partner-in-crime singer/songwriter Heatherlyn, and a bit of homegrown Portland fabulosity by sprinkling the inimitable Justin Ringle and Nathan Crockett of the band Horse Feathers on top of this sundae of theo-cultural deliciosity.


Justin Ringle and Nathan Crockett from Horse Feathers

All of this, natch, is hosted by your tried and true CultureCast sherpas: Amy Piatt, Slim Moon and yours truly (no that’s not my name, it’s Christian Piatt. Duh.).

We descended on Portland’s own Marmoset Music like a podcast-borne siege of near-Biblical proportions hammering the earholes and mind-parts of those in attendance with some CultureCast goodness, all happening right before their very eyes.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little bit of hyperbole, but it was pretty awesome. Don’t believe it? Check for yourself.

Can’t get enough? Have to listen on to hear who wins, who claims the proverbial conch and rises high above the culture-carnage to reign supreme atop the mountain of virtual corpses left in his or her wake?



Well then you’re just gross. Have you no sense of decency? GAWD.

If, on the other hand, you just want to dig a little deeper into the live CultureCast haps, stay tuned for the second half of the show, coming soon to a blog post, RSS feed, Stitcher channel or iTunes subscription near you.

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Worship How-Tos, Franklin Graham Blues and New Tattoos (CultureCast)

AndraSuzanneI tell ya, one week without our cohost Slim Moon around and it all turns to chaos.

Well, not really, but we missed him this week. Sitting in for him is our buddy, Rev. Adam Phillips, pastor of the much-publicized Christ Church Portland, who got kicked out of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination for being too inclusive. You heard me right; there go those crazy Christians, welcoming everyone into the community again.

So what to do once you’re all together, you ask? Dig Suzanne Castle’s worship expertise (as explicated in super practical ways in her worship book, BRIM, co-authored by worship leader Goddess Andra Moran) as she helps us figure out what it means to immerse people in a worshipful theopoetic. No, you don’t have to recite poetry like in sixth grade when they forced you to regurgitate the entire Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, while your prep school buddies snickered. Oh, just me? Anyhoo…

We also delve into other critical issues, like why the Piatt house has become a flophouse for wayward ducks, why “House of Cards” Frank Underwood is a badass, and why (sadly) Franklin Graham is not. Good news is that Lisa Sharon Harper, who takes him to town, is 100% badass material. So it all kinda balances out.

And yes, of course we have your much beloved recommendations and a hearty does of the Fear of the Week. Fear not!!! Yaknow, because we’ll do all the worrying for you. You’re welcome.

Speaking of fear, Christian put on his big boy pants and finally got the tattoo of his dreams, up and down his forearm. Haven’t seen it yet? Don’t worry, ’cause he’ll show you on the podcast.

“The Shack’s” Wm. Paul Young: Where’s God When…

wgwpromoIt’s official; the Piatt household has been declared a biohazard zone. With three of the four of the Piatt clan beaten down by a spring sickness, cohost Slim Moon wisely opted to keep his distance. But dammit, we have an interview just too good to wait, so Amy and Christian muscled through, tissue and drugs in hand (All over the counter, mind you).

Apologies for the atypical structure and abbreviated nature of this one, but if you can’t handle the Piatts hacking and wheezing their way through the first bit, jump ahead to the good stuff.

What good stuff might that be, you ask? Good question.

We’re pleased and honored to welcome Wm. Paul Young, author of the international mega-bestseller THE SHACK back to the CultureCast, along with first-timer Reba Riley, author of “Post Traumatic Church Syndrome, hitting shelves this August, thanks to Simon & Schuster.  Reba, Paul and Christian have a three-way chat session about the upcoming Pacific Northwest tour they’re all doing together called “Where’s God When…

When? When What??? Well you’ll just have to listen, now won’t you? That or click the link above, if’n yer in the cheatin’ kinda mood.

And rest assured that as soon as the local Hazmat team deems the Piatts are allowed back out in public, Slim will rejoin them for your tried-and-true Homebrewed CultureCast shenanigans.

Oh, and if you’ll be in the Portland, OR area on April 28, be sure to CLICK HERE and get one of a handful of remaining tickets to the first-ever LIVE CultureCast. Guests are many, and they include Steve Chalke, Doug Pagitt, Dieter Zander, singer/songwriter Heatherlyn and Portland’s own Justin Ringle and friend from the band, Horse Feathers. Tickets get you in to mingle with these hooligans, while also gracing your empty hands with a Homebrewed CultureCast pint glass and two big-kid beverages of your choosing.

Why so much love for so little? Well, we blush when we admit it, but we kinda like you.

Interviewing Haaz Sleiman: Muslim Star of “Killing Jesus”

killing-jesus-nat-geo-trailer Lots of people know about the new movie, “Killing Jesus,” premiering on Nat Geo Channel on Palm Sunday.

Most everyone who has heard about it has strong feelings about it, given that it’s based – at least sort of – on the book of the same name by Bill O’Reilly.

Some folks are abuzz about the fact that Haaz Sleiman, the star of the movie portraying Jesu, is a Muslim.

Few know that Sleiman grew up in the midst of turmoil in Lebanon, where his brother and mother nearly died in the midst of the fighting. Or how much living in a country surrounded by Syria on two sides and Israel on another informed his understanding of politics, religions and cultural identity. Or how living in a territory occupied, at different times in history, by the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and colonized by the French informed his thinking about what it means to live in occupied land, and what it’s like to flee from occupation and violence for a promise of something new.

That’s the stuff we wanted to know.

Listen in on this Homebrewed CultureCast mini-sode with Actor/Director Haaz Sleiman, who has appeared in projects as diverse as “Nurse Jackie,” “Ricochet” and “24,” as he shares his less-than-heroic story about being shot, how most Muslims actually look at the figure of Jesus, and how he ended up from surviving the Lebanese fight for independence to his current reality as a rising star on the Hollywood  scene.

Check it. Love it. Share it.

Philip Clayton interview CultureCast with Christian, Amy, and Slim

Amy, Christian, and Slim are up to their hijinks again.
Most importantly, theCultureCast-300x300y
decide once and for all – Which is cooler, Star Trek or Star Wars?
 Is it a good thing that J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars VII?
Christian has a timely interview of Philip Clayton to discuss his new books The Predicament of Belief and Confronting the Predicament of Belief.  They talk about their upcoming live show in Portland April 28th. It’s the 10th anniversary of the first statewide marriage equality law in the US.
A long detour into the mainline Christian fear of LGBTQ-friendly Evangelicalism, and a history lesson about the sons of Aaron.  Sadness about Leonard Nimoy’s death, and relief that Harrison Ford’s plane crash wasn’t too serious.
Amy’s fear of the week is drones, but not just any drones…ALL DRONES!