Wild Goose Squawks, Gungor Rocks, Bald Brothers Talk (CultureCast LIVE)

gungorWGFLive shows are always a blast, but the LIVE CultureCast at Wild Goose festival was a new kinda awesome.

First, we chatted with Lisa Gungor about everything from their new three-album project to being judged by fundie fans and the challenge that was 2014 (hint: album one in the three-album set, “This Wild Life,” was inspired by that rather hellacious year). Then her husband, Michael Gungor, jumped on stage with his guitar and they shared two pretty incredible songs from the yet-to-be released album.

And yes, you can hear them here. You’re welcome.

Next, we welcomed Romal Tune, Tony Kriz and Leroy Barber, the other three of the “Four Bald Brothers” along with Christian, to talk about their new folically challenged project. But in no time, we wrangled them all into a game show fellow cohosts Josh Linton and Micky Scottbey Jones called “The Newlywed Game: Just Friends Edition.” Needless to say the brothers were all love and unity until there were points on the line. Then it was on!!!

And since Amy was back in New Mexico enjoying vacation, Christian and company hijacked “fear of the week.” Suffice it to say that these fears, though maybe moderately creepy, demonstrate why Amy’s the queen of all fears.

Thanks to the more than 130 friends who joined us for laughter, music and a cold one under the Justice Tent at this year’s Goose. If you were here right now, we’d give every last one of you a big smooch (well, except for the guy who ‘woohoo’d’ for every single thing on the show. We think maybe he had one too many and we don’t kiss people with stinky beer breath.

And of course, thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary for their ongoing and generous support of the show. In all seriousness, we couldn’t have done this gig without them. So if you’re considering your nudge to do something related to social justice, faith and feminism or straight up congregational ministry. Phillips is a must to check out.

Next up: Columbus Ohio with a two-fer set of back-to-back shows July 20-21. If you’ll be in the area, and especially if you’ll be a part of the Disciples’ General Assembly, come join us for the second night, which hasn’t yet sold out. Guests include Phil Snider, Adam Phillips, Andy Goebel, Andra Moran and Trey Pearson. And we’re super stoked to be doing these as joint shows with the Homebrewed Zen Master, Tripp Fuller. It was awesome.

Gonna be some kinda fun, kids.

After that, kick back with us in Portland, Oregon for another live show at Marmoset Music, one of our favorite venues in town. Our guests will include Wm. Paul Young and local musical favs Del Phoena. And for the first time ever, we’ll have a comedian doing a bit of stand-up for us too. Can’t wait to hear what kind of good grins Nathan Brannon has to drop on us. Oh, and as always, beer.

Yeah, we thought that might seal the deal. GET TICKETS HERE.

Racist Flags, Greece Sags, Jurassic Drags (CultureCast)

Bree Newsome of Charlotte, N.C., removes the Confederate battle flag at a Confederate monument at the Statehouse in Columbia, S.C., on Saturday, June, 27, 2015. She was taken into custody when she came down. The flag was raised again by capitol workers about 45 minutes later.  (AP Photo/Bruce Smith)

Bree Newsome of Charlotte, N.C., removes the Confederate battle flag at a Confederate monument at the Statehouse in Columbia, S.C., on Saturday, June, 27, 2015. She was taken into custody when she came down. The flag was raised again by capitol workers about 45 minutes later. (AP Photo/Bruce Smith)

Hey, wait a minute. This podcast has always been a low-rent, seat-of-the-pants kinda thing. And now it’s getting all fancy and crap. Guess all the monumental fame and fortune of podcasting (ahem) is going to their heads.

Actually, it’s just what happens when you bring on someone like John, a former podcast producer for CNN and current radio producer, comes in and shows the CultureCast crew how’s it’s done. So for all of you who like your audio content mediocre, our apologies for stepping up our game.

This week we also introduced News of the World, our headline-grabber topic that now jumps to the front of the show. This week it’s SCOTUS and all the earthshaking decisions that wen’t down this session. We break down how both the left and right fared.

We also welcome Micky ScottBey Jones, who breaks down all things race and culture, from the confederate flag to how her relationship to Strom Thurmond  affects her own story and identity as an African-American woman.

We talk dollars and cents, musing about what the failings of the economies of both Greece and Puerto Rico mean for the EU and the rest of the world. Then we chime in one whether we think Obama’s homily/speech/song in Charleston, NC was a hit or a strikeout.

And of course, what’s a CultureCast without pop culture recommendations and a fear of the week? I suppose it would be nothing more than thoughtful, substantive content. And who wants that? Am I right???

The lineup for the July 21st live show in Columbus, Ohio is set. Enjoy music from Trey Pearson and Andra Moran, plus featured guests Phil Snider (postmodern theology nerd) and Adam Phillips & Andy Goebel, who have been in the national news for challenging their former Evangelical Covenant Church denomination of LGBTQ inclusion (thus: FORMER denomination). Tickets include two adults drinks and a pint glass to keep. Grab tickets here: www.tinyurl.com/HomebrewedatGA

Then on August 13th in Portland, Oregon, We are excited to welcome Wm Paul Young, author of “The Shack” as our special guest for another live CultureCast. He will share with us about his newest novel “Eve,” and how he keeps his feet on the ground after selling 20 million books. We’ll also welcome Portland’s ow Del Phoena, who will lay some awesome tunes on us and talk about their most recent album project. Not to be missed, I’m tellin’ ya! Those tickets can be found by CLICKING HERE

Hacker’s Survival Guide, Charleston’s Hopeful Side, Obama’s Speech Divides (CultureCast)

anonymousCultureCast cohost Christian Piatt is a geek when it comes to tech stuff. From gadgets to all things virtual, he’ll talk himself some ones and zeroes until the Minecraft cows come home. This week, our guest is professional hacker Mike Collins, who explains everything from Cyberterrorism to Silk Road, the Dark Web and why your car/phone/blender(?) are your worst enemies. It’s all we could do to get Christian to stop asking questions, but if you’re a fellow tech-head, you’ll be amazed by what you don’t know about the devices and culture all around you.

The CultureCast crew also tackle the recent shootings at Emanuel Church in Charleston, the amazing Grace the victims have shown the shooter, and the Amazing Grace President Obama sang as part of his address to the walking wounded in one of the hardest-hit epicenters of recent outbursts of such violent racism.

But fear not, my fellow casters. The intrepid trio faithfully reverts to trivial nonsense and yummy pop culture tidbits. So whip out that napkin, tuck it in your shirt and dive into this most recent serving of Homebrewed CultureCast deliciousness.

Tony Jones, Republican Drones and Santorum Versus Rome (Homebrewed CultureCast)

Could it be? Are the CultureCasters back on the horse after a two-part live extravaganza, more more miles than a presidential primary candidate and more excuses than, um, well…a presidential primary candidate?

Yessir/ma’am. We’re back and on track, for tha reelz.

For the first episode after the live gig, we’ve got Tony Jones talking about his newest book, “Did God Kill Jesus?” We dig down into why Tony deconstructs the theology of penal substitutionary atonement (tee, hee, penal), but still hangs onto belief in the bodily resurrection, among other theo-nerd goodness. We also touch for a few on the cyber-drama around tony and the release of this book. Worth a listen for that alone, in our opinion.

We touch on the clown-car insanity that is the growing GOP primary field, plus we score the recent Santorum-versus-Pope-Francis throwdown intellectual cage match over climate change (hint: it wasn’t close) and how a doctor helped a blind woman see her unborn baby.

How? Because science!

In our recommendations, we celebrate all things “trans” on the small screen these days, plus Slim digs into the archives for a new/old series favorite about fantastical assassins. All I’ll say is grab your garlic…

CCLive_Flyer_rev0Hang tight, because we have another episode comin’ up right quick, along with a live show at Wild Goose in North Carolina with guests co-hosts Micky jones and Josh Linton joining Christian as they chat it up with guests Romal Tune, Leroy Barber and Tony Kriz. Oh and if you’ve heard of a couple of bands called Gungor or The Liturgists, you might want to grab a good seat and have your listening ears on, as we’ll enjoy the music of Lisa Gungor!

We’ve also got another live offering in Columbus coming July 20th, but this one’s super-groovy. We’ll be doing a joint Homebrewed/CultureCast show with Amy and Christian Piatt, plus Homebrewed guru Tripp Fuller. Guests include Sharon Watkins, Rick Lowery and the band Populis. We’d tell you more, but the show’s already sold out. D’oh!

How, oh how, do they smush so much goodness into one show? No clue here on our end. We just throw stuff on the wall and pray it sticks. Yay, stick!

Something to Like, Believe…and FEAR (CultureCast LIVE Pt. 2 of 2)

screamBe afraid…be very afraid…

No, wait. Don’t do that. That’s Amy Piatt’s job. How about just checking out part two of the awesome LIVE Homebrewed CultureCast instead?

We dispensed with all the serious stuff in the first half (if you didn’t check that out yet, CLICK HERE), so now it’s time for a new segment, called Stranger Than Fiction. In it, we read five religiously-themed news stories and see if our esteemed guests, Steve Chalke and Doug Pagitt, can tell the real deal from a pile of crap we made up our very own selves.

See if you can do better than they did…which won’t be too hard, trust me.

Then we drop some hot, fresh recommendations on you, from the movie PRIDE to summer tunes to fill your ear-parts and tickle your brain-pieces. And I’ll give you a hint; if you listen to this episode, you’ll hear some of the recommended music live. Well, it was live when we recorded it, anyway. What do you want from me???

Finally, we dig down to the bowels (eww) of fear with Amy Piatt, who never ceases to churn out new tidbits to add that necessary twinge of horror to your day. Yaknow, just to keep it interesting and stuff. But it turns out Christian shares this week’s fear as well.

Wait…Christian has feelings?IMG_4767

And though the crowd is a little more chatty and raucous during this half (there were adult beverages involved, after all) there’s tons of good live music once again from Portland’s own Horse Feathers and Minneapolis’ resident artist, Heatherlyn.

We’ll get back to the studio soon enough (and by studio, we mean sitting around the laptop in Christian’s office), but honestly, it’s a lot more fun to talk smack and drink beer with 100 or so of our closest friends…or at least 100 people who heard about the awesome CultureCast pint glasses and came a-runnin’. Either way, we’ll take it.

Want to get one (or twenty) of these groovy CultureCast pint glasses in your own hot little hands? Email Christian at cpiatt (at) christianpiatt (dot) com. He’ll do you right.

Special thanks to our esteemed sponsors: Phillips Theological Seminary, Basecamp Brewing Co., Marmoset Music and Kill Rock Stars Records. You folks are super groovy. 

CultureCast LIVE (pt. 1 of 2): Chalke, Pagitt, Horse Feathers, Heatherlyn…and Beer


From Left: Doug Pagitt, Steve Chalke, Amy Piatt, Slim Moon, Christian Piatt

Are you sitting down? Good, cause this show is pretty sure to rock your shorts clean off.

And if you’re at a coffeeshop, goofing off at work or the like that could be a little awkward.

But Christian, you ask, pray tell why this show would rock me out of my clothes more so than the average Homebrewed CultureCast? BECAUSE IT’S 110% LIVE BABY.

That’s right. We brought Oasis Church’s Steve Chalke in from the UK, Solomon’s Porch’s founding pastor Doug Pagitt from Minneapolis along with his partner-in-crime singer/songwriter Heatherlyn, and a bit of homegrown Portland fabulosity by sprinkling the inimitable Justin Ringle and Nathan Crockett of the band Horse Feathers on top of this sundae of theo-cultural deliciosity.


Justin Ringle and Nathan Crockett from Horse Feathers

All of this, natch, is hosted by your tried and true CultureCast sherpas: Amy Piatt, Slim Moon and yours truly (no that’s not my name, it’s Christian Piatt. Duh.).

We descended on Portland’s own Marmoset Music like a podcast-borne siege of near-Biblical proportions hammering the earholes and mind-parts of those in attendance with some CultureCast goodness, all happening right before their very eyes.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little bit of hyperbole, but it was pretty awesome. Don’t believe it? Check for yourself.

Can’t get enough? Have to listen on to hear who wins, who claims the proverbial conch and rises high above the culture-carnage to reign supreme atop the mountain of virtual corpses left in his or her wake?



Well then you’re just gross. Have you no sense of decency? GAWD.

If, on the other hand, you just want to dig a little deeper into the live CultureCast haps, stay tuned for the second half of the show, coming soon to a blog post, RSS feed, Stitcher channel or iTunes subscription near you.

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Extra special thanks to Adam Phillips, our show’s producer, Jeff Simmons/Caravan Recordings, the sound Svengali and Caedmon Michael for working the door with vigilance. And we could not have pulled this off without our sponsors: Phillips Theological Seminary (I’m starting to think those guys like us), Basecamp Brewery (nom nom nom) and Marmoset Music for this stellar support. 

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