Stupid Quizzes, CCM Missives and Homebrewed Blisses

everydaysunday2013Yeah, the title’s a stretch. So what?

This week’s episode is all Everyday Sunday, all the time. We hung out with Trey and Carter from the uber-popstar band both at Wild Goose (yes, there’s more you haven’t heard yet) and in the garage at Amy and Christian’s place while they were in Oregon for a couple of shows.

First up is a new segment affectionately known as Ten in the Den, where guests are submitted to ten completely subjective questions in Christian’s newly constructed Slacker’s Den (aka, where homebrewers go to die happy), and then scored on their answers based on a system Christian makes up as he feels like it. We learn much about the band in the process though, such as their proclivity for soccer moms, their soft spot for transgender family members and their desire to rename their band the “Rollins Stones.”

Then we just east to Hot Springs North Carolina where Christian reads a post-breakup letter Trey supposedly wrote (you be the judge) to CCM (the Contemporary Christian Music industry) from which he parted about a year ago) to try and patch things up and get back in their good graces. What’s with these commie liberals who love the planet more than penal substitutionary atonement???

Hehe, we said “penal.”


postChristian, Puberty, and Putin

postChristian - out Aug. 12, 2014This week’s show runs a bit long, but it’s chock full of such good stuff! Like, why do you get sunburned when you go skiing? Amy knows the answer, and it might surprise you… What’s a “keezer” and why are Andy and Christian so geeked out about it? Hear Christian and Amy pile on Andy for bringing his own insulated cup places and putting his pajamas on right after dinner.

Andy and Amy channel their inner Zach Galifianakis and turn the tables on Christian, interviewing him about his forthcoming book postChristian: What’s Left, Can We Fix It, Do We Care? They were, indeed, situated between two ferns. Not to be dissuaded, Christian guides his hapless interviewers through the impetus for the book and how he hopes it adds to the broader conversation regarding what is happening in Christianity right now. Christian talks about the really sweet deal he’s put together for listeners who want him to come talk about the book – he’s going to waive his speaking fee! The book is out August 12, 2014 and can be found through book retailers everywhere. Preorder your copy here.

In the Echo Chamber, the team shares their hopes and fears for their tween kids, slowly coming to grips with the reality that they are on the cusp of having surly, profanity-spewing teenagers sulking around the house. How do Christian parents faithfully guide their children through this time of changes? Things turn even more serious when the team then tries to come up with a Christian answer to Putin and what’s going on in Russia, but their ideas all seem to fall flat. They need your help with some creative, nonviolent responses to the situation there!

 Amy has a “de-recommendation” and Christian has to eat some crow with his recommendation of the week. Amy’s FOTW comes on the end of a really hard week but, as Andy notes, also inspires a bit of hope.


Jonathan Merritt, Bagel Thins, and Social Media No-Nos

Jonathan MerrittWell, the crew is back together in sunny Oregon after various trips to the east coast. They pick up right where they left off. Christian complains about Bagel Thins (“They’re really just less convenient bread…) and the ridiculous economics of eggs. Andy shares the ethics of his becoming a vegetarian.  Amy brags about her and Zoe’s unmatched ability to come up with names for pets.

Our guest on this week’s show is Jonathan Merritt. Jonathan is an award-winning religion writer who serves as senior columnist for Religion News Service and is a contributor to The Week. He has published more than 1000 articles in respected outlets such as USA Today, The Atlantic, National Journal, Christianity Today, The Washington Post, and, and has a new book out, titled Jesus is Better than You Imagined.

In the interview, Christian and Jonathan discuss laws that give businesses permission to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, whether or not evangelical publishers can allow authors to write about particular views that are in conflict with evangelical beliefs (like sexuality) and why Christians seem unwilling or unable to have those conversations. Then they move on to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, corporate personhood, and the mess that results when one tries to apply the term “Christian” to a business. Finally, they discuss Jonathan’s book, which chronicles a period of profound spiritual emptiness that prompts him to go on a journey to find God in unexpected, unpredictable places, and the surprising ways God met him there.

In the Echo Chamber, Christian, Amy, and Andy talk about social media do’s and don’ts, prompted by a recent piece in Wired magazine. What should you do if you have a Google Glass? How many pictures of your kids in your social media stream is acceptable? What in the world is “vaguebooking?”

Finally, there are a couple movie recommendations, one that is currently in theaters, one that’s available on Netflix, and Amy’s creepy, crawly, but sometimes necessary, Fear of the Week.


Frank Schaeffer on Art, Music, Irony, and Satire


The HBCC crew is back down to three as Jess the Intern and Philip the Page are movin’ on up. Christian, Amy, and Andy hold down the fort, though. Today’s show features an interview with artist, author, film director, theologian, and all-around badass, Frank Schaeffer. He has a new book out, Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God, and joins the show to talk a whole range of topics, from art to music to fundamentalism and more.

Christian and Frank explore the difference between irony and satire, finding it difficult to come up with any hard and fast rules. They explore the work of glass sculptor Dave Chihuly and contrast that with Marcel Duchamp’s absurdist sculptures. Frank talks about his new book and why he’s never met an atheist or an evangelical.

Check out Frank Schaeffer’s art at and look for the Homebrewed Crew at Wild Goose Festival at the end of this month where we will be recording a live episode with Tripp and Bo!

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F-Bombs, Baptized by Palin, Sad ‘Ole Sterling

palin-winkAmy starts the show off by talking about F-Bombs left and right. In the echo chamber, the crew discusses Sarah Palin’s recent statement at an NRA rally that waterboarding is how Americans would “baptize” terrorists, were she in charge. This leads into a discussion on the death of Christian hegemony and whether or not labels can (or should) be rescued.

Christian shares Tea Party Jesus with the group. He thinks it’s hilarious, Amy and Jess the Intern, not so much. Jess and Andy talk about privilege, oppression, and intersectionality in light of a recent Princeton freshman’s defense of white privilege. Finally, the group talks about the Donald Sterling debacle, generation gaps, and the increasing frequency of things said in private going out into the public.

There are TWO fears of the week this week and a few recommendations that you won’t want to miss! Check it out…

Ongoing thanks to Philips Theological Seminary and Wild Goose Festival for their continued sponsorships. Interested in setting captives free? Come check them both PTS and WGF out at the Wild Goose Festival June 26-29 in Hot Springs, North Carolina and find out how you can learn and live liberation.

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Exploding Whales, Quiverfull Scandals and Scary Russians (CultureCast)

whaleplatterYes, we’re late on getting this post-Easter show out. Whaddaya want, your money back?

As we try to recover from our collective post-Easter hangovers, the topics range from stomach-turning in the gross sense to stomach turning in the scary sense. Nothing like variety!

Andy quizzes the CultureCast team on the best way to remove a dead whale from the beach, and then they move on to such savory topics as sex scandals within the Biblical Patriarchy (aka, Quiverfull) movement. You mean that when you repress people sexually and deprive women of autonomy, something could go wrong? Shocking!

We also take on the recent anti-semitic brouhaha in Ukraine, along with all the cities that will soon be underwater, apps to be afraid of and top it all off with a seventies black punk band called “Death.”

Just your average day in the peanut gallery with the CultureCast nerds.

Mad props to our sponsors, Phillips Theological Seminary and the Wild Goose Festival. Thanks to Phillips for stepping up to be the sole sponsor of the Homebrewed Christianity live show this year at Wild Goose! Expect fun and swag to flow freely when these folks all get together. And who knows? There might be some more intimate campfire chats hosted by Phillips as well. Stay tuned.

As for the Goose, the theme of “Living Liberation” will be taken on by, among others, Stephen Lewis. Lewis is the President of the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE), which focuses on cultivating a new generation of Christian leaders. He has more than fifteen years of experience in corporate and nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, program development and group facilitation. The event is in Hot Springs, North Carolina from August 26-29, and tickets are flying off the virtual shelves. Grab a pair (no, just tickets) before they’re gone.




Heartbleed, Holy Chickens, and Hancocks (CultureCast)

dreyfusAmy shows off her yodeling and confesses that she and Christian *might* have a problem with Candy Crush.

In the echo chamber, the Andy talks about the Heartbleed internet security flaw and why maybe you should hold off on changing all your passwords. The crew talks about how Chick-Fil-A may be getting back into their good graces with their new focus on healthier food options.

After that, Amy wonders about whether or not Jesus had a wife? New evidence supports the authenticity of a papyrus fragment that seems to support that he did. Even if it is authentic, does it make a difference? Christian thinks that the contrasting responses are more about our sexual hang-ups than anything else. Colin Kaepernick’s recent bad behavior gets some airtime and Rolling Stone’s graphic’s department may need to take remedial US History.

Andy gets in on Amy’s fear of the week as he freaks out about the coming ant uprising in Oregon. Lots of things to recommend from Mike Judge’s new show on HBO, “Silicon Valley,” to FX’s “Archer” and … Colbert?

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