Seven-word sermon

Last week, I was involved in a “preach off” at church and was asked to give a sermon in only seven words. I was given the internet and five minutes. I was allowed to share a pic and a scripture passage. This was the result.

“There is plenty if we share.”

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47

I dropped the mic and had one word left over. I was put on the spot, and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about what you would have done. I think it should encapsulate the gospel, and I probably would have said something different if I had been given more time.

By the way, I won the preach-off contest! My victory dance could use some guidance. I decided to go with the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince.

If you could only say seven words, what sermon would you preach? You can also share a pic.

Me, after winning the preach-off and $100:

Better yet, call in your seven-word sermon to 678-590-BREW, and we’ll play it on an upcoming podcast episode.

Dr. Jones returns: Homebrewed 105

This is a fantastic episode. And you should listen to it.

What is the state of the Emergent Church? And what does David Hosselhoff have to do it with it?

How does an ecclesiologist relate to all that is going on in American Christianity?

These questions and more are addressed in this episode…like how Texas Baptists are similar to baconators. These folks are my ilk. You may have heard of Cooperative Baptists, which sounds like an oxymoron. I call the Texas variety Cantankerous Baptists. Church in the Present TenseKen Wilber & Integral Christianity…Pete Rollins‘ Apophatic stylingsNadia Bolz-WeberMark Scandrette…relationship of theology & practice…Communion…

Please call in to let us know what you think is the biggest theological issue of our day.


Don’t forget to check out the Official Homebrewed Christianity Book of Summer…Devil’s Ink. Here is the author’s interview on Homebrewed 104!

Left behind.

Welp, today is the rapture. And I got left behind. It seems all my friends did too. If we’re going to live here together, let’s try to fix this place up — shall we, roomies?

Here’s a good read from my and Tripp’s former professor, Dr. Bill Leonard.

Tomorrow I’m posting audio from my sermon entitled, “The Day After the Rapture.” Until then, are there going to be zombies, or what? This apocolypse is pretty lame.



This was my meditation for our church email this week. For Youth Sunday, I’m preaching on the Good Samaritan.

There’s a woman named Grace who lives on my street in the Tenderloin District, San Francisco. When I say she lives on my street, I mean that literally — she’s homeless. I pass her almost every day on my walk to work in the Financial District. Sometimes we exchange hellos. Sometimes I ask her how she’s doing. I call her “Neighbor.” Sometimes she lets me pray for her…right there on Ellis Street. Sometimes I let her pray for me and my church.

The parable of the Good Samaritan has taught me to expand my definition of neighbor — to slow down and chat with folks around me. And sometimes to go above and beyond expectations when someone is in need.

More often than not though, I’m too focused on my destination to pause and say hello. I fall short of the example of the Good Samaritan. We all do. But Grace is there anyway.