The A B C’s of Theology: A New Series

Family needs and school matters forced me to take a break from blogging for the past several months. I have missed the conversations. My Summer language intensive is almost done and I will be returning to the blog this Friday.

I am also aware that we have picked up a lot of new listeners (this is primarily a podcast after all) and thought it would be good to wade back in via some introductory material. It will be a nice way to orient folks to our unique flavor of christian theology.complexity

Starting this Friday (with A), Callid and I am going to work our way through the alphabet – highlighting each day a different topic and why it matters. I will be asking (as I am prone to do) ask if it might look different in the 21st century.

We will start with ‘Atonement’ on Friday and I am leaning toward ‘Baptism’ on Saturday. I am going to utilize two resources:


What topics would you like to see covered? I am open to suggestions.


After we go through the alphabet, I am going to circle around and covers theologians/authors who’s work is important to know about.
I will pair 2 each day:

Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Catherine Keller for K,  – you can hear the podcast with Kim [here] and with Keller [here]

James Cone and John Cobb for C, etc.


This should be a fun Summer Series to get new people involved and oriented to what we do around here!


A is for Atonement

B is for Baptism 

C is for Christology 

ABC Podcast (TNT)

D is for Deconstruction 

E is for Empire 

F is for Fideism 

DEF Podcast (TNT)

G is for Genre

H is the Hermeneutics 

I is for Infallible, Inerrant, Impassible, Immutable 

GHI Podcast (TNT)

J is for Justification

K is for Kenosis (and Kingdom) 

L is for Liberation (and Logos) 

Podcast for J K L (TNT)

M is for Metaphor (and metaphysics)

N is for Neoplatonism

O is for Open & Relational 

Podcast for M N O (TNT)

P is for Perichoresis

Q is for Quest for the Historical Jesus 

R is for Revelation and the Book of Revelation

S is for Salvation

T is for Theopoetics 

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Brother Corey
Brother Corey

Along with peacemaking, Platonism or prayer, please consider Praxis. Kim and Keller are of course amazing, and so is Fr. Keating.


Perhaps: Emergence, Pantheism/Panentheism, Theosis/Deification...


D for Death please. I'm not usually this morbid...


I'd love to hear from you about neo-Platonism, Eternity, Logos and Afterlife. And on another track, "Unity" and/or "Peacemaking."


I will give you a hand and suggest Francis Xavier as a way to get into understandings of evangelism and missiology.  (I could also suggest Mateo Ricci but R is easier to fill than X.)

Jason Mnrqz
Jason Mnrqz

For Z, how about Zizek and Zoroastrianism? S, Spinoza and Satan. V, Von Rad and Vanity... Okay, now I'm just reaching. Excited for this series though for sure!

BoSanders moderator

@CalebDeJong Great suggestions!  We already have E is for Emergence but I will add the 'P'  :)   -Bo 

BoSanders moderator

@Jeremy_OC Alright!  Thanks for  the suggestions  -Bo  we will see what we can do :) 


I was touring Switzerland last summer and visited Zwingli's church. His pulpit was made from hacked-up Catholic altars. Oh my!

I don't think he would appreciate being paired with Zizek. Just saying ...