The CultureCast crew is on hiatus for a while so the HomeBrewed crew decided to change it up and put out a culture cast as an early Christmas present! CultureCast

First up is Callid and Bo talking about 5 movies coming out this holiday season:

  • American Hustle
  • Anchor Man 2
  • The Wolf of Wallstreet
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Saving Mr. Banks

Then Micky Jones and Bo the tackle white-Santa and Duck Dynasty controversy. [This Week in Whiteness]

The interview is Christian talking with Doug Pagitt from this Summer’s Wild Goose Festival.

Finally Christian and Bo wrap it up with some final thoughts.

If you want to follow up with the items that Micky talked about your can find the links here:

School For Conversion 21st Century Freedom Ride:

Freedom Riders Documentary:

Bob Zellner – The Wrong Side of Murder Creek
Slavery by Another Name, PBS Documentary

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It's amazing that Phil Robertson and "The Person of the Year"... oh... what's his name? Oh yeah, the Pope! They have the same views on homosexuality, both of which you vehemently disagree with theologically & yet you seem to praise one and demonize the other (not very inclusive btw. you guys must be closet Nazi's?).

Thank God we don't judge every segment of society by some of it's worst examples.... who could stand? Homebrewed Deacons???


When I try to go to donate to the Greens by clicking the link above, it takes me to a paypal page that says, "Sorry — your last action could not be completed." Have I done something wrong?