AAR Event: Derrida and Caputo in Actual Churches


Caputo and Derrida in Actual Churches

Exploring the Influence of (a stream of) Postmodern Thought on Christian Practices

Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion
Saturday, November 23

7:00 pm 9:00 pm
Loch Raven Room II
Sheraton Inner Harbor

We’ve assembled a panel of speakers planning to address concrete, physical Christian activities which have been influenced by post-modern thought. That is, we are primarily interested not in post-modern reflections upon Christian practices, but in hearing about embodied practices that have been influenced, adapted, or instituted because of work by, or related to, Jacques Derrida and/or John Caputo. Check out the paper titles below, and/or read the full descriptions of the abstracts of these papers here.

This is My Body: Deconstruction, Eucharist, and Community
Joel Avery & Keegan Osinski

A Différant Kind of Preaching: Derrida, Caputo and the Deconstruction of Contemporary Homiletics
Jacob D. Myers

Weak Chaplaincy: Employing Caputo’s “Weak Theology” in Clinical Pastoral Settings
George Schmidt

Jack and Jacques walk into a church: Theopoetic Practices at Work in a Christian Community
Jeremy Fackenthal


Response(s) from John D. Caputo


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Any planned alcohol consumption after the event?


Any idea if this session will be open to the public? We're good to drive down from Toronto just for the event, but dont have the $425 for the whole conference...


@FortElgin Come on down! Additional Meetings at AAR can be attended by whoever wants to go as long as the host is up for it. And we are!