This edition of the Theology Nerd Throwdown is a smorgasbord of subjects – a cornucopia of concepts – a torrent of topics… you get the idea. 

First up is the 30 second definition blind challenge when Bo has to define 3 terms or concepts. This week’s words are:  anointing, perichoresis and glossolalia.

Then we chat with Micky Jones about the concept of post-cynical christianity suggested by Jim Wallis.

We take a little break for the High-Gravity broadcast and then pick up with the Bible &  Tillich, Hegel, and Process.

Our guest this week was Jonnie Russell who guest blogged last week. He was visiting for the High Gravity conversation.

One production note: Bo forgot to bring the Mp3 call with Micky for Tripp to hear – so he is commenting blindly. THEN something went wonky with the sound and Bo’s audio on the call to Micky was muted so all of Micky’s comments were edited together to sound like a unified piece.

Blogs that will be tied into this episode will be:

  1. Micky’s post on post-cynical christianity
  2. Bo’s pentecost’s initial aim and historic drift
  3. a Radical Theology cliffs-note


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