This is a ruckus selection of audio from the HomeBrewed Christianity live event at the Subverting the Norm 2 conference last weekend. Rushmore_Poster_rev0

It begins with Barry Taylor and the Band then moves on to 4 toasts offered in honor of the 4 faces on our Mt. Rushmore style Radical Theology poster for the event. Hegel, Tillich, Derrida and Caputo are toasted by Kirsten Gerdes, Tripp Fuller, Jack Caputo and Peter Rollins.

Tony Jones sat in for Bo Sanders in ‘the Practical Seat’  and you will be able to hear how wild things got as the evening progressed.  There was also a contest between Tripp’s two new brews: the Caputo Decon-structor Ale and the John Cobb #Faniac Ale.

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May have been converted by Barry to Radical theology listening to him at about 30 minute mark talk about how it saved his faith, his story I what he said at the funeral , and realizing how restrictive religion can be. If radical and process and postmodernism are nothing but freedom towards honesty... They are worth it.

Anyway, best elevator definition of radical theology I've heard. Thanks Barry.

Jesse Turri
Jesse Turri

Man! What a fun time. Caputo sounded a little toasted. Wish I could have been there.

BoSanders moderator 1 Like

@pluralform I think he was just Tripp-in'  to be honest :)   -Bo   When he is around Tripp it is like a shot of red-bull to him!  

wg23 1 Like

Okay, I know that Caputo's toast of Derrida was awesome and the video has been floating around. I was there, and it was awesome in the moment and remains awesome now. However, listening to this podcast reminded me that @Tripp Fuller's toast of Paul Tillich was also pretty sweet. And...Peter Rollins toast of Caputo was fantastic. So, it was all amazing. 

It was a great night and a great time.

BoSanders moderator

@wg23 @Tripp Fuller Thanks for your feedback - nice to hear from an eyewitness. Glad you liked it   :) -Bo