Jack Caputo Asks… “Does God Exist?”

Get some Jack Caputo ‘unfiltered’ from his live podcast “Get Lost in Order to Get Saved!”  We don’t just want you to watch Deacons, we want you to respond with your own YouTube video.  It is our hope this may turn into a fun way to converse beyond the comment sections about particular parts of our podcasts.

Homebrewed Christianity is excited to take things ‘unfiltered’ on SoGo Media.  Today SoGo is going public as a new kind of Christian television network that uses the exploding platform of YouTube to distribute exclusive videos from an impressive collective of progressive Christian voices, as well as curates the religion and spirituality niche on YouTube. Sogo is short for “social Gospel,” a play on words that also refers to “social media + Gospel message,” the Gospel (or “good news”) of the kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed.

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