Barry Taylor is back for round three of the Theology of Rock!  This time we wanted to help all those going in and out of the voting booth this week get provoked by some of the USofA’s best protest song writers to dream a bit bigger than our current political conversation.


In the episode we discuss…

  • This Land is Your Land, Woody Guthrie
  • Man in Black, Johnny Cash
  • The Times They Are a Changing, Bob Dylan
  • All She Wants to Do is Dance, Don Henley
  • American Skin, Bruce Springsteen
  • Sleep Now in the Fire, Rage Against the Machine
  • Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue, Toby Keith (was not played)
  • Strange Fruition, Lupe Fiasco

In addition to the most awesome conversation with Barry we were joined at this live podcast by some amazing musicians including Randy, Colleen, & Daniel Bedingfield.

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I've been doing some HBC catch up.  I think you mentioned the OK Deaconate that you were going to link to on this podcast.  can you post a link?