Putting the ‘Holy’ in the ‘Moly’ of Life

A couple weeks ago I got to preach on one of my favorite texts – Ruth.  We were kicking off a new church school year for the kids and introducing the new curriculum ‘Holy Moly’ from Sparkhouse.  If you are part of making the curriculum decisions at your church I can’t say how much all the teachers, parents, and the kids are loving Holy Moly.  Parents have said they are having more conversations about the stories and the faith with their kids. The teachers love how easy it is to use and modify depending on numbers and time each week.  More than that long time teachers keep telling me how the kids are excited each week and are picking back up the larger narrative of Abraham and the big family tree.

Now that I plugged some amazing stuff, here’s the audio from the sermon at Neighborhood Church.  It begins with my buddy George reading all of the 1st chapter of Ruth.

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shawn andrews
shawn andrews

Love your angle on the story of Ruth, and I love great preaching (this certainly qualifies!) thanks for putting this up


Thanks for this great post about Holy Moly!  We are thrilled with how well it is working for Sunday School in a wide range of congregations across North America.  Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm of the folks in your community of faith! 


Blessings, Beth Lewis, President & CEO, Augsburg Fortress (parent of sparkhouse) http://holymoly.wearesparkhouse.org/