God of New Beginnings… a prayer

God of New Beginnings meet us here today and provoke something new again.
So often we pray “make us more patient” and yet at the first sign of a challenge our complaints begin
In our complaints begin again.

In other prayers we we mouth the words “God of love teach us to love more fully” yet when that love is intended for one too different or too wrong we add a stipulation – but “oh not quite yet.”
In our hesitation begin again.

How many times have we sang a song that proclaimed God’s grace over all our wrongs,
We are God’s beloved
from whom nothing can separate us
Or are we? It may sing well & it may preach,
but can God really love me as me?
Into those places were your grace has yet to bring peace
begin again.

Oh week after week we pray “Your kingdom come and your will be done” and it’s really a great idea
but we live on earth and know quite well
heaven is very rarely near.
There’s too much pain and injustice, slandering and justification, hard hearts and systems that ain’t working…
for us to put much energy in heaven’s relocation.
In our stale hopes & broken dreams begin again.

God of New Beginnings who is making all things new come into our world – come into each of our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies and begin again.
In this silence meet us at the dead end of our own soul, bring healing and empower us to begin again…

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