It’s time for some more Theology of Rock with Barry Taylor!  Let’s talk about the apocalypse of teenage love, songs their writers -players-listeners & their meaning, Holy Week with Prince, the loss of meaning, Being-Toward-Death, YouTube-ing tunes, dance music, Tripp’s first dance theological dance tune, American Idol’s obsession with worship leaders, Reality TV, depravity, & the collapse of the sacred and profane in rock music.

This Week in Billboard History (1st week of October)

* 1964 Roy Orboson…. oh pretty woman
* 1968 Beatles … Hey Jude
* 1984 Prince… Let’s Go Crazy
* 1996 Los del Río …. Nacarena
* 2006 Kelly Clarkson…. a moment like this

Barry and I also discussed David Byrne’s new book How Music Works.

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Thursday Night – October 25th – 7pm – Monkish Brewing Company

Come on out for a live mutinous podcasting experiment. Join Captain Brewin, Peg-Legged Pete, & Barry the Skull Keeper for some philosophical swash-buckling & fresh brewed pints at the Monkish Brewing Co.

Kester Brewin is bringing the good news of pirate inspired mutiny to the USA. We shall be seeking the wisdom of Blackbeard, Luke Skywalker, Peter Pan and Odysseus and other eye-patched heroines as we reflect on personal development, art, economics and faith. If hearing from Kester about his newest book Mutiny! wasn’t enough… he’s bring two fellow philosophical swashbucklers, Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor, who shall assist him in over-throwing the intellectual & cultural scurvy.

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Travis Mamone
Travis Mamone

So yeah, this episode was uploaded a week ago today and I just got around to listening to it. College has been crazy for me, so I haven't been listening to any podcasts within the past month.


I wanted to comment specifically about what Barry says about "Hey Jude," about how people take songs and make them their own. That's what I love about music--it becomes the soundtrack to your experiences. And I think that the meaning of a song can change as you experience new things. For example, I've always loved "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor, but last month when my friend lost her two-year-old daughter the song took on a whole new meaning for me ("Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone . . .").


As a child of the 60's and 70's, a musician and a huge music lover, these theology of rock episodes are like crack. We'll have more please.


My longtime band, Combustible Duck, gets together for a weekly jamming and craft beer event we call Happy Music Fun Time. After a couple brews we'll like as not launch into just this type of rock and roll rumination.


The shade of the great Jeff Buckley being channeled on the House of the Rising Sun. Wailing goodness!