Rob Bell is back on the podcast.  He is no longer a Grand Rapids resident, a congregational minister, or wearing black framed glasses!!! In the past year he moved to Orange County and has been busy working on the pilot of a new TV show with Carlton Cuse from Lost.  Rob threw out the idea of interviewing him before the taping of a pilot episode and we said ‘yes.’

The conversation was recorded in two parts.  The first half was recorded in person back stage before the show taping and the second on the phone since Carlton needed Rob.  Getting cut off by Carlton was awesome.

In this interview Bo asks him about what he has been reading. Check out Rob Bell’s reading list here.  

Check out Rob’s last visit to the podcast and Bo and I’s discussion of the new show.
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Mutiny Live (10/25)

Come on out for a live mutinous podcasting experiment. Join Captain Brewin, Peg-Legged Pete, & Barry the Skull Keeper for some philosophical swash-buckling & fresh brewed pints at the Monkish Brewing Co.

Kester Brewin is bringing the good news of pirate inspired mutiny to the USA. We shall be seeking the wisdom of Blackbeard, Luke Skywalker, Peter Pan and Odysseus and other eye-patched heroines as we reflect on personal development, art, economics and faith. If hearing from Kester about his newest book Mutiny! wasn’t enough… he’s bring two fellow philosophical swashbucklers, Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor, who shall assist him in over-throwing the intellectual & cultural scurvy.

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Those in attendance are encouraged to come in Pirate gear. Should you NOT come with at least an eye patch you will be publicly shamed into purchasing Tripp an additional pint and yell ‘Arr’ with gusto.

For directions to Monkish Brewery go here. Look at pictures so you don’t get lost… it has happened before.

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We did the communion thing that Rob Bell talks about in your follow up question last night at our home group. We put the bread and the wine in the middle and asked if anyone had any needs and did our best to fulfill them or pray for them and it was an amazing time. Then we had passed the bread and the wine and served each other. 

I highly recommend it if you have a community that is willing to participate in this.


Love the stages of faith conversation. I experienced this in my twenties when I couldn't tolerate a Stage 3 (Synthetic-Conventional) community when I was Stage 4 (Individuative-Reflective). I left the ministry and have not returned since. I really have never reentered another Christian community.


I appreciate the wisdom and open conversation about the reality of multiple stages in any given community. The challenge now that I find is reentering a context as a former leader without either stepping on toes or feeling an obligation to lead when that is the last thing that I want to do. Have you guys talked about Fowler's stages of faith on a prior episode? If so, which number? I'd love to hear it. 


@trippfuller is it up now? Or just the blog about it?


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