Mark Scandrette & Brian McLaren are coming to Animate faith in the South Bay of LA




Do you want to see Mark Scandrette in action?  How about an evening with Brian McLaren?  Would you like to get to know locals who like exploring their faith through conversation?  If so & you live in the South Bay of Los  Angeles then you are more than welcome to join the Animate groups hosted by Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes (my church) & Manhattan Beach Community Church.

Animate is a 7 week small group from Sparkhouse that brings together seven leading Christian voices to create an accessible, captivating exploration of big questions of the Christian faith – designed to spark conversation in communities of faith.  A number of the ministers who will be leading the groups have been going through the series this past summer and the experience was amazing.  Most of us are friends who chat weekly with a stack of degrees in theology so I was shocked at how effective the study was at taking us places we had never been.  From my own experience I can say that Animate will get you speaking thoughts you’ve never had, sharing life stories you often keep, and discovering new ways of putting God’s love into action.  This happens because the group is not about delivering the information and making sure you agree and remember it but about the conversation, creativity, and encouragement that comes our when think with each other, care for each other, & listen to each other.

If finding a small group to think and share with wasn’t awesome enough, these groups are going to be kicked off and closed with two of the speakers featured in the series.  This weekend on October 13 & 14 Mark Scandrette will be in town.  Then at the conclusion of the small group series on Saturday December 15th we will host a discussion and then public event with Brian McLaren.

If you are interested in joining a group then let me know or come to one of the sign-up sessions this coming weekend.  On Saturday evening @530pm Mark Scandrette will be kicking things off at Manhattan Beach Community church with a family potluck, sharing, and conversing.  Then Sunday at both 9 & 11 Mark will be preaching at Neighborhood Church and between services he will lead the Adult Education time @10:10 where he will challenge us to reflect more deeply about walking in the way of Jesus.  If you are a church member or local interested in possibly joining a group come to the Adult Education time to find out more details and join a group.

If you aren’t in LA then find an Animate group in your town or start one. It’s well worth it.

Here are the featured speakers sharing about the Animate curriculum.

Want a taste of Brian McLaren check out the live audio from Wild Goose Festival where Brian discusses his new book.  You can also get a little Scandrette and listen in on his visit to my living room when we kicked off some Lenten experiments in truth.

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