The nerds get a hilarious fake phone call that sets them off in a silly spiral from which they never recover.
The hour goes in a wild direction when Bo brings audio from his first encounter with the legendary liberal named Sporg.
Things wrap up with a response to Tony Jones’ challenge to say something about God without clearing your throat  – or what Tripp terms ‘Liberal Laryngitis’.

The blogs that our original caller took exception to were:

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and as promised – Bo put up his An Evangelical Support for Same-Sex Marriage to rave reviews.

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An important point Spong makes in attempts to describe God is "An insect cannot define a bird. A horse cannot define a human being. A human being cannot define God." As I read most of the responses to Tony Jones' request, you still find human attributes assigned to God. As we see images from Curiosity on the planet Mars, I'm struck by how most Christians cannot envision God "incarnate" within Mars, let alone the far reaches of the cosmos (even in that which appears empty!). Our human descriptions of God seem to keep God caged here on earth, and only involved in human experience - not animal, plant or mineral experience. Even though we claim to have moved past the ancient notion that the earth is NOT the center of the universe, we've still not moved very far from our egocentric ideas, have we?

Chappy B
Chappy B

Thanks for a good laugh!  Your Sporg interview might as well have been my seminary NT professor - Charter Fellow of the Jesus Seminar, blah, blah, blah . . .


Sadly, I too must now boycott Chick-fil-A.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about family values, sabbath, etc.  The ole Chick-fil-A just tugs a bit too hard on my gluttonous appetites (and we all know how Jesus feels about gluttons!).


I realized this while on the tredmill listening to this podcast  and all I wanted was some fried chicken with that special Chick-fil-A sauce.  The only thing that kept me from hopping off and heading to Chick-fil-A was that fact that I haven't found one yet in Afghanistan.  


Anyhow, thanks for the brew.     



Father Josh
Father Josh

Can you please post the preface that you say is a given for the God posts?

BoSanders moderator

 @Father Josh I'm on my way to an end of Summer youth pool party  ... but I will post it this evening ;)  -Bo