Bart Ehrman is back on the podcast talking about his newest book Did Jesus Exist? Don’t worry the answer is YES! In the conversation Ehrman responds to the popular nonsense of the ‘mythicists’ who attempt to argue Jesus didn’t exist.  Like Dan Brown’s conspiracy theory, the mythicists may get some followers online but they don’t have much of an intellectual case and this top notch atheist leaning New Testament scholar is here to set them straight.  Of course that was just part of the conversationWe also discuss the apocalypticism of Jesus, Holy Week, fundamentalism, plays the ‘name game’ with NT Scholars and then answer Jay Bakker’s question

It was a real pleasure to talk with Ehrman and we hope you enjoy it and share the Brew!

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Agreed with Chris and Ehrman's recommendation. Dale Allison's Jesus of Nazareth is the best work on the historical Jesus I've ever read.


Thanks for the great interview! One more biblical scholar I wish you would have asked Ehrman about: Dale Allison. His are my favorite books on the historical Jesus.

Tripp Fuller
Tripp Fuller

@Andrew What may be more entertaining than your mythicist non-sense is calling Barth Ehrman's work a Christology. If Bart has a Christology then all of us actual theists and Christians are in trouble!


Ehrman is basically just another apologist. He's preaching a "rational" Christology, very much like that of the Protestant Rationals of the 18th and 19th Century. He should take a class in mythology sometime.

Scot Miller
Scot Miller

Very nice. We're watching his Great Courses video series on "From Jesus to Constantine" in my Sunday School Class. He blew my poor wife's mind when she watched his course on "The Historical Jesus." Fortunately, she came out of the series in a better place than she feared.