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Two of the podcast’s best friends have published E-books in last month and they are both here for a Theology Nerd Throwdown!

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First up, Bo chats with Julie Clawson about the book she wrote about the Hunger Games. (you can find her first podcast appearance here)

Then Tripp and Bo skype with the self-appointed Sr. Deacon – the Doctor! – Tony Jones about a Better Atonement. (you can find his most recent visit here)

Join Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Bernice Powell Jackson, Myself, & others as we explore the connection of ecology, incarnation and the interconnectedness of all.  April 19-20 in St. Petersburg, Florida for the A Sustainable Faith Conference.  Join me the day before for a cigar, brew, convo. on Hell, & a discount for the event. Sunday I will be preaching at the Missio Dei.

Tripp & Bo are really excited about reading Beyond the Spirit of Empire & Tony Jones is digging The Predicament of Belief by Philip Clayton.

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Really enjoyed the talk with Tony Jones. I appreciated the conversation. Two books on atonement you guys might find helpful. I would suggest Cone's The Cross and the Lynching Tree which deals with the legacy of lynching as the lens through which we can look at the cross. Second, I would suggest Adam Kotsko's The Politics of Redemption which is certainly useful in critiquing the individualism of atonement theory and proposes an ontology that focus on interconnectivity. I think you guys would really enjoy it.

Travis Mamone
Travis Mamone

Hey, I like Wendell Berry! But seriously, great episode. Lot of stuff to chew on.

Bo Sanders
Bo Sanders

it would be tough to say that this was the best TNT ever.... but .... it probably was. Just sayin' A double feature? a double delight? yeah. I will stick by my assertion - this is probably the best ever -Bo