What does coming to Jesus look like today?  We may not have the answer but we do have a seriously fun and enlightening conversation.

During the American Academy of Religion a herd of theology nerds gathered in the home of Mark ScandretteJesus Dojo extraordinaire – for some live Homebrewed Christianity podcast fun.  Daniel Kirk (New Testament Prof at Fuller Theological Seminary) and Philip Clayton (Philosophical Theologian and Dean of Claremont School of Theology) were our featured contributors but the crowd Deacons who gathered made the entire experience a blast. On top of the podcast we all enjoyed the wonderful food provided by the Scandrette family, the huge bottle of Bullet Bourbon from Rebekah, 3 amazing homebrews from Kirk, and some great questions at the end. 

We hope you enjoy the live brew.  If you dig it you should make plans to join us February 12 at Claremont for John Caputo going 3-D or holla about hosting a show in your own home\bar\church.

If you are wise….and of course you are…you should get Kirk’s new book Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? and Phil’s freshest The Predicament of Belief. 

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Tripp Fuller
Tripp Fuller

@Sam.... it's called 3-D because we recorded the event live. So it's like a 3-D movie only very low tech...just bodies in flesh if you were there live.

Sam K.
Sam K.

One small question; Why is it called "3-D" ? Is it because there is always one question and then answers from two or more directions, or becaus 3-D.eacons are answering, or am I completely overanalyzing this ?