Jack is Back and God Insists you Listen! This is the good Doctor Caputo’s first talk at the Soularize event this past October.  Coming up soon will be his appearance on the main stage as part of the HBC-3D event!

Most exciting and essential for every SoCal Deacon’s calendar is a very special John Caputo HBC-3D event February 12th in Los Angeles.  Put it on your calendar and get ready to hop on the tickets when they go on sale…because this House Show will sell out fast.  We are calling the event…. “Christianity UnCorked: Caputo, Cab & Conversation.”  Just imagine an evening of philosophical nerdom in a house with a glass of wine and John Caputo….ahhh I can imagine it now….so put the date on your calender, find your nerdy friends and get ready to grab these tickets up fast.

The one and only, living legend, and Homebrewed frequenter John Caputo is here with some more philosophical excitement. Both his first,  second, and third visit rocked the podcast.  Even more exciting are these class lectures Caputo is sharing here at HBC.  These lectures are free theological cat nip for theology nerds. Enjoy.

* Caputo Writes lots of books.

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thanks for sharing this, Caputo's weakness of God (have you asked Cobb what, if anything, he makes of this logos?) is a very important idea but this "perhaps" is not so useful since as St. Fish points out we can't really doubt the things that we believe to be true and to the degree that we do come to doubt than we now believe something else. Certainly we need practices that might help us to be more open to the coming (or not) of we know not what arriving we know not when but critique will not serve such a purpose, this is part of why Heidegger noted that only a god can save us.