Kingdom, Church, hmm……

How do you understand the ‘kingdom of God,’ the central theme of Jesus teaching? What is the relationship between the kingdom and the church? These are important questions and regular ones for participants in the emerging conversation. The more progressive Christians can often end up distracted sidetracked by the inherent patriarchy and hierarchy in the phrase itself OR progressives just avoid talking about the kingdom because it has such eschatological baggage.  In this video John Cobb tackles the question as submitted by one of the Transforming Theology Theo-Bloggers (I don’t remember who to pass along the credit) and does so as a progressive by going back to the Bible, the Greek Bible.  His exposition of this concept is challenging and inspiring.  Good Stuff.  Enjoy!

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Jesse Turri
Jesse Turri

Great stuff Tripp! I can't get enough John Cobb.