Advent Week One….John Dominic Crossan….Homebrewed Christianity…..Your Questions…..Audio Goodness.  We are real excited to have Crossan back at the HBC podcast and this conversation is an awesome way to kick off our Advent podcast series.  In his first visit Crossan discussed his book ‘God and Empire‘ and this time we focus on your questions about his recent book ‘The First Christmas.’  On top of being grateful for Crossan’s return we want to thank him doubely, no Tripp-ely, for agreeing to answer your questions.  Hopefully we will be able to do more interviews with this format in the future.

This week John O’Hara joined me to co-host the intro.  Chad was MIA and I didn’t want us to get behind and have a post-advent advent podcast, so I twittered for help and Deacon O’Hara came to the rescue.

Here are some blog posts on Crossan and Borg’s ‘The First Christmas’ : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

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I ran across your podcasts a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the john caputo episode. looking forward to hearing this one. keep up the great work!

Mike L.
Mike L.

Thanks for asking my question Tripp. Great podcast! Tripp, How do you personally relate to Crossan's perspective? I get looked at weird whenever I mention him in emergent circles. What's up with that?


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