This week author and blogger Daniel Radosh joins us to discuss his new book ‘Rapture Ready.’  It is an outsiders journey to understand America’s evangelical subculture.  I can’t overstate how much fun the interview was and the book is even better.  I started reading it and couldn’t put it down.  Not only is it hilarious, fun, and flat out surprising, but Daniel has a keen eye and sincere heart when he responds to his experiences.  Listen to it, get the book, and tell a friend.


– The Online Rapture Ready Forecast

Get Your Own Tommy Silk Jingle.ours will rock you

Rock for life

Daniel’s Multimedia Appendix

Cornerstone Music Festival

mewithoutyou / Aaron Weiss

Jay Bakker’s church


Bible Verse Golf Balls

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cathryn thomas
cathryn thomas

Hey i was thinking - perhaps you were speaking in tongues with his name, since your lips and tongue didn't quite know what they were doing... ( perhaps as you said... it was early.. and you could have added, "we are not drunk as you suppose!!) and you have to send that intro song to Andrew-- i laughed and played it like 5 times! Wow from chick tracks to messages on golf balls... ___------ Now Tripp - Stryper- How can you go from Norman to Stryper..... what about Petra!!! oh, check out the band... "Blue Fringe" lemmy know what ya think... (i'm part Jewish remember) mauh! cat

cathryn thomas
cathryn thomas

Hey you!! I thought you read my blog you bugger! I don't make the blogroll, now how am i gonna get any emerging charismatic street cred??????? Your gonna get an elbow for that! xo cat